Meet Kylee Nguyen, Owner and Licensed Aesthetician of Organic Spa Houston


Today we’d like to introduce you to Kylee Nguyen.

Kylee, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
It all started out as a random conversation with an Aesthetician offering me a spa facial about the Aesthetic business that changed my entire career choice. I have always love skincare so I decided to go for it and obtained my aesthetic license in 2009 with the intent to own a skincare business.

In 2012, I create a skin spa business name Organic Spa Houston with the objective to offer my clients effective, chemical-free skin care treatments. Serious professional skin care is our business philosophy. Organic Day Spa in Houston dedicated to skin renewal treatments by integrating highly potent anti-oxidants with organic ingredients without chemical preservatives (Parabens, Hydroquinone, Formaldehydes, Lanolin, Artificial Colors or Perfumes) to provide you non-toxic skin care.

Each skin treatments are personally tailored to your skin needs: anti-aging, anti-acne, and anti-stress facial therapies combining total harmony between the instruments, the products and the movements of the hands responds to beauty needs at every age.

Owner Kylee earns high marks from customers as well for her devotion to customer service. Stop by for one of her signature, stress-fighting facials, such as the Organic Glow. It begins with a deep cleaning, followed by a treatment that adds antioxidants, vitamins, and plenty of moisture to the skin. To unveil an even brighter complexion, opt for the slightly pricier organic Herbal-Green peel. It can undo some of the damage caused by aging and acne. She is also an Eyebrows Microblading & Permanent Makeup artist. She sculpts beautiful, natural 3D eyebrows by Microblading semi-permanent method.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I can’t say that starting any business is easy. Like many entrepreneurs, juggling multiple roles can make us feel more like a solopreneur. At times, it felt lonely and I often work 7 days a week the first two years. Now, I learned to designate time out to practice Yoga & rest to balance between personal and professional life.

Please tell us about Organic Spa Houston.
Organic Spa Houston is a skin care business with a focus niche in Natural and Organic Skin Care Treatments. We are known for our signature organic facials and eyebrows Microblading treatments. We are very proud that we have earned high remarks online reviews.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My most fond childhood memory is spending quality time with my dad. He often rides me in the back seat of his motorcycle to the movie theaters and we go fishing trips. He was hilarious, a man of few words, always make me laugh and we had a mutual understanding on many topics. He passed away in 2012.


  • Signature organic facials starting at $79-$299

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Why get a facial?

(From Repechage)

The difference between paying thousands and thousands of dollars for injections or plastic surgery starts right now! Getting regular facials will fend off the need to resort to these options later on in life. If you’re taking care of your skin and performing a proper facial routine day and night, we applaud you tremendously, but this is only half of what your skin needs to stay healthy and young! Facials are the second half – here’s why!

You’re Getting Treated by a Licensed Skin Care Professional

Before we discuss exactly what happens during a facial and how it differs from how you treat your skin at home, let us point out one of the biggest advantages of receiving facials: they are performed by a licensed skincare professional! A licensed professional must pass a state exam before they perform esthetic treatments, and he or she is mandated to conform to state regulations (Note: Always ask for a licensed professional when visiting a salon or spa for a treatment.) A licensed professional performing the treatment understands the skin and how it functions. He or she has been trained and licensed to analyze your skin, and understand what’s going on below the surface – not just what’s apparent to the eye.


Another huge advantage in receiving a facial and working with a licensed professional is customization. A licensed skin care professional is going to help customize a proper at-home routine for you and eliminate a guessing game of finding the right products. This is because during a facial the professional is able to perform a thorough skin analysis. He/she will also listen and hear what your personal concerns are, and use this combined information and expertise to recommend the right regimen. You can stop visiting your drug stores and department stores in hoping of finding products that will work – the professional will make recommendations customized specifically for your skin!

The Professional Treatment Difference:

  1. Cleansing - Cleansing under the care of a licensed professional will be at a deeper level than at home. We encourage you to give your skin a deep cleanse at home, in between treatments, but you will not be able to get to the same depth as an aesthetician who has steamers, brushes, and other electric equipment to aid them in this process.

  2. Exfoliation – Exfoliation should be done 2-3 times a week at home with a gentle granular exfoliator, such as one-based with honey and almonds, or rice bran wax for oily complexions. As we age, however, skin cell turn over slows down, making professional help needed. Your skin may be in need of a mild exfoliation or more intense exfoliation – this is to be determined by the licensed professional who has the expertise to evaluate your skin and make that decision based on your skin type. A licensed professional will select a proper peeling agent – either one that is based from an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), such as lactic acid, fruit acid, or glycolic acid, BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) such as salicylic acid, or an enzyme-based peel.

  3. Massage – Not only is massage relaxing and an instant form of stress relief, but massage actually has anti-aging benefits. Facial massage movements help with skin firming. Massage also helps oxygenate the skin and increase circulation – a healthy blood flow helps prevent dark circles and eliminate a dull, dehydrated look.

  4. Extractions – What happens when you try to pop a pimple? Pain, bleeding, and the pimple coming back the next day – sound about right? This is because your fingers can’t compete with the skills a professional has and will utilize during a facial. A licensed professional is able to look at your skin under a magnified lens and perform extractions in a sanitary environment, eliminating the risk of infections. If pimples or blackheads have been a long battle for you, getting a series of treatments from a licensed professional is going to help you get on track to clear skin. 

  5. Professional Tools – One of the tools a licensed professional has to help with extractions is desincrustation. This can be a product alone, or used in conjunction with a machine. This is what helps to really break down the oil that is hardened in your pores, so when an aesthetician does perform extractions, they are less painful and built up dead skin cells and oil is completely removed. Galvanic is another tool used by professionals that helps infuse products and ingredients deeper into the skin – this allows for a more in-depth hydration.