Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removals in Houston

Hate your microbladed eyebrows?  Need an eyebrow tattoo correction?  If you are desperately waiting for a day to get rid of your bad PMU or tattoo, Organic Spa Houston can help! Our team uses PhiRemoval method to get rid of all the unwanted permanent makeup on your skin. The PhiRemoval method is the best and safest way to remove and lighten all colors. This non-surgical, painless technique will removal any unwanted permanent makeup or tattoos without using any lasers. If you're looking to just lighten your tattoo or permanent makeup, out team can help! The PhiRemoval method is also a safe method for tattoo lightening. 

No matter what your permanent makeup or tattoo removal needs are, our team will work hard to ensure you leave our spa with no scarring, no skin damage, and with the skin you've always wanted!


Choosing the right spa for your permanent makeup and tattoo removal needs is essential to receive the care and treatment you need. That's why our team is properly licensed, trained and certified. Here at Organic Spa Houston, we will work with each and every one of our clients to ensure we properly understand their skin type, their needs, and their preferences to provide professional permanent makeup and tattoo removal services and ensure customer satisfaction. 

What is the phi removal method? 

When you get a tattoo, the needle injects the ink underneath the skin, making it permanent. Here at Organic Spa Houston, we use the PhiRemoval method to remove unwanted permanent makeup or tattoos. This non-laser removal method uses Glycolic acid solution or Alpha Hydroxy acids to safely extract the tattoo out of the skin. The PhiRemoval technique is designed to slowly but surely fade the appearance of the tattoo ink on the skin. As a result, depending on the tattoo size and area of skin, you may need multiple treatments to safely remove the tattoo from your skin. 

However, since these treatments will significantly reduce the appearance of ink on your skin, you may be satisfied with simply lightening the appearance of your tattoo instead of completely removing it. If you're not sure if you want tattoo removal or tattoo lightening services, don't worry! Our team will work closely with you to ensure your tattoo or permanent makeup removal needs are completely meet before completing the treatment. 

how does the phi removal method work? 

The PhiRemoval method includes mixtures of lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and glycolic acid to remove unwanted tattoo or permanent makeup on the skin. The concentration of each type of acid varies. The concentrations of these mixtures can vary from 10% - 70%., with 70% being the strongest concentration listed here.

The PhiRemoval method will, at first, cause the skin to become inflamed to help the body to expel ink and other foreign substances in the skin. The treatment will work the first time they are administered. The process involves a slow expulsion of ink from the skin and peeling of the skin that was actually inked upon. This process will  take several sessions to accomplish.

why you should choose the phi removal method for your permanent makeup or tattoo removal needs?  

The PhiRemoval method is definitely one of the least invasive methods for tattoo or permanent makeup removal. If you're considering removing or lightening unwanted ink from your skin, our expert team advises that you take the PhiRemoval method strongly into consideration. 

what are The effects of the phi removal method?

Just like any other skin treatments, everyone reacts to the PhiRemoval method differently. While some people may have a negative reaction, such as experiencing a small amount of pain or minimal scarring from the method, others experienced no side effects at all. While the PhiRemoval method is less invasive than most tattoo or permanent makeup removal methods, it still uses chemicals that your skin may or may not be used to. As a result, it is important to always conduct a thorough research before committing to a certain tattoo or permanent makeup removal method.

If you have any questions or hesitations about using the PhiRemoval method for your tattoo removal needs, contact the experts at Organic Spa Houston. Our team can sit down with you and answer all your questions to ensure the PhiRemoval method is the best possible method for your skin and your tattoo removal needs.

Please note, the more recent your tattoo is, the better the results tend to be. So don't hesitate, view our permanent makeup and tattoo removal services below and book your appointment today!


Permanent Eyebrow Removal  ($210)

2nd or more session ($175)

Permanent Eyeliner Removal ($150)

2ndor more session ($100)

Permanent Lip Color Removal ($250)

2nd or more session ($175)


Body Tattoo Removal (Small Areas)

$75 and Up




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