Post-Surgery Scarring Body Treatments in Houston

Have you experienced bad scarring from a recent surgery? Is your skin in major need of rejuvenation and detoxification from everyday stress? If you're looking for healthier, scar-free, clear skin, then we can help! Here at Organic Spa Houston, we offer three different professional body treatments aimed at helping you improve your skin's health. Whether your'e looking to tighten the skin on your body, clear breakouts, or remove any post-surgery scarring, we've got a body treatment for you! Learn more about our professional body treatments below and how you can schedule an appointment today.


Why you should choose organic spa houston

At Organic Spa Houston, we understand just how harsh everyday stress or difficult surgeries can be on your skin. We realize how stressful and discouraging it can be to have scars or marks that serve as a constant reminder of your unhealthy skin. As a result, when you choose Organic Spa Houston, we will work hard to ensure your body treatment service is as relaxing and stress-free as possible - some of our treatments even come with a rejuvenating aroma-therapeutic massage! 

Here at Organic Spa Houston, we want to make your entire experience stress-free, from start to finish. That's why we offer instant, online scheduling - helping you book a professional post-surgery scarring body treatment from virtually anywhere! When you arrive for your appointment, a licensed esthetician will ask you questions in order to better understand your skin's needs and provide you with the proper body treatment service that best fits you. During your appointment, you can expect an exemplary, professional and safe body treatment service - using only healthy and organic products every time!

View the different professional body treatment services we provide below, and schedule your appointment today.


Post-Surgery Scarring Treatments in Houston

BODY MICRONEEDLING ($100 per area)

Our Body Microneedling treatment can help tighten, firm and rejuvenate your skin. This treatment helps improve stretch marks from weight loss, weight gain or post-pregnancy. 


Our Body Micro-Dermabrasion treatment can help beautify and improve your skin's health. This treatment helps minimize stretch-marks and fades body scars like a C-section line, acne scarring or dark spots & discolorations. 


Our Body Micro-Dermabrasion treatment can help detoxify and clear skin breakouts on the back while providing a revitalizing back aroma-therapeutic massage at the same time. This treatment is recommended for clients with skin type that is prone to breakouts from exercise or hormone imbalance.