Professional Brow Shaping, Lash Lift & Lash Tinting in Houston 

Take your beauty routine to the next level with professional brow shaping or lash tinting services from Organic Spa Houston! From lash lifts and curls to eyebrow tinting and shaping, our team will work with you to hep you achieve your ultimate eyebrow and lash goals. And with our organic, hormone-free products, you'll be sure to get the results you want without any damage or harm to your skin. 

Professional Eyelash Services in Houston

Getting that perfect set of lush, curly and thick eyelashes is hard work. And on some days, it can seem impossible. But working on achieving your dream set of lashes doesn't have to be a daily struggle. Here at Organic Spa Houston, we can help you reach your lash goals with professional eyelash services!

If you're tired of going through tube after tube of mascara, then you should consider professionally tinting your eyelashes. Lash tinting will leave your lashes looking longer and darker than ever. If you love how your lashes look with mascara, but hate putting on mascara daily, then lash tinting is the right service for you! 

If you're tired of using your eyelash curler every day, and not getting the results you hoped for, then you should consider getting a professional keratin lash lift and curl from Organic Spa Houston. Our treatment will give your lashes the natural lift and curl you always hoped for.

 $90.00  Keratin Lash Lift & Curl

Eyelash treatment to lift and increase the curl of your real eyelashes. 

$40.00 Eyelash Henna Tinting

Say goodbye to mascara and hello to thick, darken lashes every day!


Professional Eyebrow Services in Houston

Everyone deserves a pair of pretty, polished and perfectly arched eyebrows. But sometimes there isn't enough time to get your eyebrows perfect before you leave the house. If you're tired of working on your brows daily, then you should consider professionally tinting or shaping your eyebrows!

Here at Organic Spa Houston, we can help you get the eyebrow shape you've always been dreaming of. Our team will expertly study the shape and balance of your face to determine the ideal brow shape for you. And if you're already satisfied with the shape of your brows, we can still help! Our professional eyebrow tinting services will fill in any empty areas and define your brows, to give you the set of thick, full eyebrows you've always wanted. No matter what your eyebrow goals are, we're here to help. View our professional eyebrow services below and book your appointment today.

$35.00 Eyebrows Henna Tinting

The perfect trick to darken the brows for glamorous eyes!

$25.00 Eye Brows (Re) Shaping

Professional, perfectly shaped eyebrows enhances your features and help to lift and frame your face.  

$15.00 Brows Wax

 Maintenance brows clean-up. No brows trimming.