Waxing Services in Houston

Are you tired of shaving every day? Do you wish your body hair was thinner and easier to manage? If you're tired of dealing with your body hair on a daily basis, then you should consider professional waxing services! Here at Organic Spa Houston, we offer a wide variety of waxing services, from Brazilian to bikini to full face waxes, no matter what your waxing needs are, our professionals can help!


What Are The Benefits of Waxing?  

Waxing can help you achieve the skincare you've always wanted! Not only does waxing last much longer than shaving, but it doesn't cause any rashes, stubbles, cuts or nicks that shaving normally causes. Waxing can also cause your unwanted hair to grow out slower and finer, meaning you'll have smooth, beautiful skin more often! 


Why Choose Organic Spa Houston for Waxing Services? 

Here at Organic Spa Houston, we want to help our clients reach their skincare goals by using organic and healthy products. That's why we exclusively use Épillyss for all of our waxing products. Épillyss contains innovative formulas such as Bioresin C3, which help estheticians remove hair as efficiently and effectively as possible with minimal strain on the skin. The waxing product also consists of organic ingredients such as vitamin E, honey, aloe vera, and lavender, to ensure a high quality hair removal product that isn't harsh on the skin. 

When you choose Organic Spa Houston for your waxing services, you will also receive the utmost care from our team. Before your appointment, a fully licensed and professional esthetician will first sit down with you to fully understand your skincare needs and explain the waxing process. During your appointment, your esthetician will work with you to ensure your waxing service is as comfortable and painless as possible. 

Schedule your appointment with Organic Spa Houston today for professional waxing services!

Our Hair Removal Services in Houston

Strip Brazilian (Women Only) $55 | Bare Brazilian (Women Only)  $69

Bikini $45 (Women Only)

 Underarms $30

Chest $60

 Stomach $25

Hands $25

Half Arms $40 | Full Arms $55

Brows (Groom) $15

Lips (Upper or Lower) $10

Chin $10

 Jaw $20

 Cheeks $20

 Sideburns $20

Full Face ( without Brows) $60

Full Legs $85 | Half Legs $70

Full Back $85 | Lower Back $50

Depilar System

(Laser Hair Removal alternative get rid of unwanted hair for ANY skin tone or hair color. Price varies. Call or details)